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Sit All Day? Here's Why You Need a Men's Massage August 20, 2019

Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan
Sit All Day? Here's Why You Need a Men's Massage, Manhattan, New York

These days, sitting in front of a computer for most of the day is a common occurrence. Whether you work from home or simply enjoy browsing the internet on your days off, you may spend several hours on a chair without getting up to move around. Unfortunately, this contributes to many health issues. To help you stay healthy, here’s a guide to how prolonged sitting affects your body and how a professional men’s massage may be able to alleviate associated discomfort. 

How Does Sitting Impact Your Health?

Sitting for prolonged periods has been shown to be severely harmful to your health. Since people exert less energy when sitting as opposed to standing, research suggests that those who sit for over 8 hours a day have similar risks of dying as individuals who were smokers or overweight. 

Sitting for several hours is also hard on the muscles of your body, weakening back and leg muscles while shortening the flexor muscles. This leads to issues with the hips and contributes to chronic back pain. The risk increases if you slouch in your chair or don’t maintain a straight back with your feet flat on the floor.

How Will a Massage Help?men's massage

Fortunately, massage therapy is designed to help the body repair itself. During a men’s massage, muscles are carefully compressed and rubbed by a professional, helping improve lymphatic response, muscular soreness, and general feelings of wellness. Issues like high blood pressure can also be improved through massage, since the treatment is highly relaxing and helps lower the body’s natural stress response. 


Whether you have been experiencing ongoing back pain or need a little self-care, the team at New Paradise Men's Spa in New York City’s Hell’s Kitchen will help. With a commitment to creating a warm, comforting place where men can truly kick back and relax, this trusted spa offers everything from deep tissue men’s massages and facials to manicures and hair removal. Learn more about their massage services online or call (646) 559-1621 to schedule an appointment.