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A Helpful Guide for Understanding Mattress Firmness July 31, 2019

Archdale, Randolph
A Helpful Guide for Understanding Mattress Firmness, Archdale, North Carolina

A good night’s sleep is directly linked to how firm a mattress is. The level of comfort is almost as unique as the person cuddled under the blanket. There are several universal categories of firmness, and knowing which sleeping option will provide the desired comfort makes all the difference. If you’re in the market for a new one, here’s a helpful guide on the different firmness levels and which works best for certain sleep positions. 

Understanding Types of Mattress Firmness


The firmness in this category can range from billowy soft that provides an ample amount of sink to plushness and less contouring. Sleepers who prefer a soft mattress may like the way it conforms to their body. The molding is sometimes not the best for spine alignment, but it can offer pressure point relief at the shoulders and hips. Those who tend to sleep on their side may choose softness for these reasons. 


mattressMedium firmness will typically offer a nice balance of contouring and less sinking compared to their softer counterparts. The additional support can help minimize back issues and restless leg syndrome. Because of its medium level of firmness, this choice is ideal for those who sleep on their sides, back, and stomach. It can also be the perfect middle-ground option for children or couples who share a bed but have different sleeping positions.


Expect a firm mattress to have little to no softness or sinking. The extra support prevents body contouring while still providing enough cushion to soothe pressure points. If you’re a back or stomach sleeper, this option may be best for much-needed abdomen support. 


Since 1969, Reliable Bedding Company in High Point, NC, has manufactured quality mattresses and box springs with impeccable craftsmanship. Their production standards are high because the locally owned company understands the importance of having a bed that provides comfort and longevity. If you’re seeking bedding designed to help improve your sleeping habits, the team invites you to experience a unique alternative. For more information, call (336) 883-0648 and visit the website for details on sleep options. 

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