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4 Tips for Better Printer Security August 6, 2019

Jessup, Anne Arundel
4 Tips for Better Printer Security, Jessup, Maryland

People don’t typically think of printers as high-risk hardware when it comes to security. However, if your business’s HP® printers are connected to company networks, you should take steps to make them secure from outside access. Any networked printer provides potential hackers with an entry point into your company’s system. Following are some tips for making sure your office’s multi-function printers are properly secured.

Tips for Improved Printer Security

1. Install Updates Regularly

When you ignore system updates and miss installing security patches, your multi-function printer is at risk of security breaches. In addition, it only takes one missed update to potentially compromise your HP printer. Be diligent about installing updates the moment they become available. It may seem like a time-consuming chore, but it beats having your entire network hacked.

2. Set Up Passwords

Maryland HP Printer ServicesAll networked HP printers can be password protected to prevent unauthorized access. These passwords are not set by default, however, so it’s important to configure and set a strong password the moment a printer is connected to your network.

3. Use Swipe Card Authorization

In addition to password protection, HP’s multi-function printers offer a number of other authentication options, including card readers. These devices are an excellent way to ensure that important printed documents do not get seen or picked up by the wrong person at the printing tray. When a printing job is sent, it’s held in the system and will not be printed out until the correct user swipes their card at the printer.

4. Disable Old Printers Properly

HP printer services use hard drives to store data. When getting rid of old computers, it’s essential to make sure these drives are completely wiped to prevent your data from being exposed and your security from being compromised.



To learn more about preventing cyber-attacks and properly securing your HP printers, contact the experts at Laser Line in Jessup, MD. Since 1989, these highly experienced technicians have been providing clients with a wide range of secure document creation solutions, including multi-function printers and copiers from top brands such as SHARP®, HP, Xerox®, IBM®, and Canon®. Visit their website for a full list of services, and call them at (410) 636-1700.

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