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I might love you more than chocolate … at least one day I will ! August 20, 2015

Bowery, Manhattan
I might love you more than chocolate … at least one day I will !, Manhattan, New York

I’m doing Paleo diet for three weeks now and I realized something : what you can't have or eat, you want! Every commercial... Dunkin Doughnuts, ice cream, Papa John's! Seriously- stuff I don't even normally want... I was now lusting after. What is that all about?

When you create a taboo in your life, it seems as though you then want it even more and more often! Now is the same thing true for the opposite scenario? If I lived in Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory, would I then NEVER want sweets? That's doubtful... but how is it possible to make these desires work in my favor? Even better, how do I make the things that I want to do, but kinda dread doing become a major desire in my life? Is it all about advertising? My mind wasn't really thinking about Dunkin' Doughnuts (really they are not my favorite thing) but the commercial seduced me.

I discovered a new healthy drink : apple cider vinegar with honey and water. It’s supposed to improve digestion and boost immune function. Even Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, treated his patients with apple cider vinegar elixir. I want this drink to seduce me like I was the winner of an all expenses-paid date night on a private yacht with my husband and all our wishes granted. I guess I need to do my own advertising to think of apple cider vinegar elixir as I dream of chocolate. It's worth a try!