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Does My Cat Have a Skin Allergy? August 2, 2019

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Does My Cat Have a Skin Allergy?, Sharonville, Ohio

Considering how many people are allergic to cats, it’s easy to forget that our feline friends can have allergies. Pet allergies are common and can cause considerable discomfort if left untreated. So, it’s wise to review the signs and symptoms of skin allergies in cats, so you know when to call the vet. 

3 Signs of Skin Allergies in Cats

1. Excessive Grooming Habits

Cats are meticulous groomers, but if your furry friend appears to be licking himself more than usual, it could be indicative of a skin allergy. Cats might feel the need to lick, chew, or suck on their skin nonstop when it’s irritated by an allergen. Excessive itching despite the absence of fleas or lice could also be a sign of pet allergies. 

2. Patchy Hair Losspet allergies

Pet allergies can cause hair loss virtually anywhere on the body. If your cat is allergic to specific grooming products, their hair may fall out in patches where the products are applied the most. If you are unsure, a vet can examine the spots. If environmental irritants like pollen or fleas are the culprit, the hair loss might occur all over the body. 

3. Hot Spots

Hot spots are essentially self-inflicted lesions. They’re caused by constant licking, chewing, or scratching at the same spot on the body. There are several reasons why a cat might focus on the same precise area when grooming themselves, and allergies are one of the most common. Other issues that can contribute to hot spots include flea bites, small nicks that have scabbed over, and fungal infections. 


If you think your cat has pet allergies, head to Veterinary Dermatology Services, where they specialize in animal skin care. Located in Cincinnati, OH, this practice is proud to serve residents of Ohio, Northern Kentucky, and Southern Indiana. Led by board-certified dermatologist Patrick T. Breen, DVM, ACVD, they provide comprehensive care for pets with skin conditions. To explore all of the services they offer, visit their website. Call (513) 489-4644 to make an appointment.

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