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When to Replace Your Water Heater August 6, 2019

Pine Grove, Amador
When to Replace Your Water Heater, Pine Grove, California

You rely on the water heater every day, which makes it an essential home appliance. Every homeowner should know how to tell when their water heater is on its last legs so they can replace it before it breaks down completely or causes water damage with a massive leak. Once you’ve replaced the unit, know how to maximize its life span with some simple care.

A Guide to Replacing a Water Heater

How to Tell You Need a Replacement

An aging water heater will corrode from the inside out. This releases rust into the water and may build up sediment inside the tank. You will then see reddish or muddy water coming out of the tap. Sediment buildup will also make a rumbling or popping noise inside the tank as the heating element burns bits of the sediment away.

water heaterIf you see any standing water around the unit, there is likely an internal failure. A plumber can determine whether the leak should be repaired or if the unit should be replaced. You might make this decision based on its age; most units last around ten years, so if yours has reached that age, you are due for a replacement.

How to Care for a New Water Heater

Now that you have invested in a new unit, you’ll need to take good care of it to help it last as long as possible. Set the thermostat to 120 degrees Fahrenheit for adequate hot water without wasting energy or risking scalding when you turn on the hot tap.

Have a plumber drain the tank at least once a year to flush out any sediment buildup and keep the water from getting cloudy. When they do this, they should also insect the unit for wear, leaks, or other issues.


If you notice your water heater behaving unusually, don’t ignore the problem, as it will only get worse with time. Luckily, Amador Plumbing is available around the clock for efficient plumbing repair services within a 45-minute drive of Sutter Creek, CA. When you call them, you know that an experienced and licensed plumber will perform your work. Contact them online or at (209) 754-5444 to request an estimate.

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