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What to Consider When Choosing a Cemetery August 9, 2019

La Crosse, La Crosse County
What to Consider When Choosing a Cemetery , La Crosse, Wisconsin

If you’re preplanning your funeral, you want all the decisions you make to have meaning. If your family has already paid for plots, choosing a cemetery may be of no consequence. But, if you don’t have a family plot or if you want to be buried elsewhere, used the information in this guide to make the choice that’s right for you.

A Guide to Choosing a Cemetery

1. Type 

Different cemeteries—public, religious, or veteran—fit different needs. For example, if you’re a veteran, you may want to rest alongside fellow veterans and their families. If you’re the member of a religious community, you may want to choose a cemetery affiliated with your faith tradition. Public cemeteries usually have fewer restrictions on who is allowed to be buried on their grounds. They provide a place of burial for local residents and are typically administered by cities or counties.

2. Location 

CemeteryThink about location and access when you choose your final resting place. It should be near any friends or relations who may want to visit your grave site. Other location factors you may want to consider are traffic, neighborhood, noise, elevation, and landscape. 

3. Rules and Regulations 

The rules and regulations of any given cemetery may affect your choice. You may or may not be allowed by some cemeteries to bring flowers or other memorials to a burial site. Some cemeteries also have restrictions around some types of markers; for example, they may permit in-ground brass plaques but not stone monuments. The planting of bushes, trees, or shrubs may not be authorized. Hours of operation may be limited, and parking may be restricted to lots. Consider the impact of rules, regulations, and restrictions on your burial plans, and look elsewhere if your preferences can’t be accommodated. 


Oak Grove Cemetery, located in La Crosse, WI, understands and respects the emotional challenges of choosing a cemetery. Their burial sites are beautifully landscapes and exceptionally well-maintained. Their professional and compassionate staff will provide answers to all your questions about burials and memorials. To learn more, you can reach them at (608) 782-6956. 

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