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5 Ways to Keep Your Carpet Clean With Toddlers July 30, 2019

Lahaina, Maui
5 Ways to Keep Your Carpet Clean With Toddlers, Lahaina, Hawaii

From sticky spills to piles of crumbs, toddlers tend to make a mess of carpets. Fortunately, you can keep yours in good condition with these simple tips. 

5 Carpet Cleaning Tips for Parents With Small Children

1. Vacuum Regularly

Vacuum a few times each week to maintain a crumb-free space. Gathering up any dropped food particles and dust will make it a more hygienic space for your little one.

2. Keep Deodorizers on Hand

Toddlers are prone to making messes that leave undesirable odors. Purchase a non-chemical deodorizer to have on hand for those eventualities. It will not only clear the unwanted smell, but also refresh your floor with a pleasing scent that will fill the whole room.

3. Act Fast on Stains

carpetStains are unavoidable in a bustling household. Food, drink, and diaper messes can leave your carpets looking a little worse for wear. While it may seem like no big deal to leave the small stains to sit, reacting to them quickly can save you time and money in the long run. Blot minor stains with soap and hot water, and use stain removers for more stubborn marks.

4. Set Some House Rules

Setting a few ground rules can minimize the possibility of staining and significantly lessen your cleaning load. Establish rules about not wearing shoes on the carpet and no running around while holding food or drinks.

5. Invest in Professional Cleaning

No matter how well you maintain the floors, they can always benefit from a professional cleaning. If you want to be sure your carpet is as tidy and hygienic as possible for your family, hire professional cleaners at least once a year.


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