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5 Ideas for Designing Your Memorial August 13, 2019

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5 Ideas for Designing Your Memorial, Willimantic, Connecticut

When someone you love passes away, creating a headstone will help you honor their memory and achievements. If you want to personalize this monument, you may not know exactly what to include. While some information is essential, other additions are up to you. To help you create a grave marker that fits your loved one’s personality, here are a few pieces of information to add.

What to Engrave on a Headstone

1. Identifying Information

To begin, you’ll want to ensure all of the identifying information is included. Even custom monuments should have the deceased’s full name, date of birth, and date of death. If they had a nickname, you may want to add that as well. Providing this information will ensure you and other visitors can find the correct headstone when visiting the cemetery.

2. Images & Logos

You can also have an emblem engraved near or below the individual’s name. For example, you may add a caduceus to the marker of a former medical professional. An image or photo can also be engraved to personalize the monument. 

3. A Holy VerseHeadstones

Another common addition is a verse from the Bible or another sacred text. Space is limited, so pick a short passage or quote that highlights the individual’s personality or philosophy. For example, if they were a devout Christian, you may add a section from the Bible that describes the importance of staying faithful. This will help celebrate their life and what mattered most to them.

4. A Poem or Passage

If your loved one was not particularly religious, you may want to consider a poem or quote from their favorite book. You could fit a short love poem into the space to outline what the person meant to you, or include a passage from a text that discusses their interests. Either option will help their memory live on for generations.

5.Telling a Story

No two people live the same life. Each monument should tell the story of that individual. Whether it be in design and or in words, and each one should represent how they lived their life. 

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