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3 Reasons a MacBook® Might Overheat July 25, 2019

Bend, Deschutes
3 Reasons a MacBook® Might Overheat, Bend, Oregon

MacBook® laptops are dependable, efficient, easy-to-use devices that have long been one of the top-selling Apple® products. Like most laptops, however, they can sometimes overheat, which can be an alarming and uncomfortable experience for the user. To better understand this issue, here are a few reasons a MacBook® might overheat and what you can do to prevent it.

Why Is Your MacBook® Overheating?

1. High-Usage Apps

Apps and other features utilize their fair share of system resources. When the system is working overtime to generate enough energy to support increased program demands, the battery drains faster, and the central processing unit is overtaxed. That's often when a MacBook overheats. To remedy this, find and remove the most draining, high-usage apps. Go to “Applications,” then “Utilities,” and open the “Activity Monitor.” Identify the apps with the highest percentage, double-click on them, and click “Quit.”

2. Dust Buildup

MacBook®When dust accumulates on a MacBook®'s fans or vents, it can prevent air from circulating throughout the unit. With less air circulation, comes a warmer laptop. Use a small brush to clear dust away from vents. A compressed air duster can also be helpful, but double-check that it doesn't contain any liquid or refrigerant. The best course of action, however, would be to take your MacBook® into a professional for a more comprehensive internal cleaning.

3. Using it on a bed or pillow

Many of us like to surf the web in bed.  This can result in overheating the computer. When air flow is diminished and the air vents are covered by sheets or the pillow, the laptop can not breath.  Heat is built up and can not go anywhere.  Heat is bad for computers and can create more damage.  Remember to use your laptop on a hard surface where the vents are not covered  and your MacBook® will be in less danger of overheating.

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