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How Doggy Day Care Helps Your Shy Puppy August 1, 2019

Royse City, Hunt
How Doggy Day Care Helps Your Shy Puppy , Royse City, Texas

Getting a new puppy is exciting. However, puppies take work, and one of your most critical jobs is to socialize your new friend. Dogs who are well socialized have fewer behavioral problems, including shyness or skittishness. Below are a few tips, including enrolling them in doggy day care, that can help with this process. 

Why Socialization Matters & How Doggy Day Care Can Help 

Introducing your puppy to new people, places, and experiences will train them not to be aggressive or fearful when encountering new sights and smells. Dogs who haven’t been properly socialized tend to have trouble in new or unfamiliar situations. They may even engage in undesired behaviors, like barking, nipping, hiding, biting, or destroying belongings out of fear. 

Ideally, puppy socialization should begin as soon as you bring the new dog home around two to fourth months. Many new owners sign their pups up for obedience training to expose them to other dogs in a safe and controlled environment. These classes also them get used to new people and situations while learning some basic obedience behaviors.

doggy day careDoggy day care can also help your pup get more comfortable with other dogs. Not only is your puppy in a safe, supervised environment and less likely to resort to destructive behaviors out of boredom, but they are also exposed to different people and dogs. At doggy day care, they can learn to play and exist with other dogs as part of a pack. 

How to Encourage Your Puppy to Socialize

Along with signing your puppy up for doggy day care, there are other ways to help them socialize. Treat your everyday activities as learning opportunities, introducing your pup to new people, places, and sounds each day.

For example, you might expose your puppy to loud noises outside, like traffic, or the sounds of objects falling in the home. If you remain calm, provide reassurance, and reward the dog for remaining calm as well, they’ll learn to be less afraid of unexpected sounds.

The same concept applies when introducing new people. Let your puppy see and interact with people wearing different types of clothing, like hats and sunglasses or uniforms. When they see you staying calm, they’ll be more comfortable in new situations and less likely to behave aggressively. 


If you need doggy day care to help socialize your furry friend, turn to JD Kennels Camp David for Dogs in Royse City, TX. Serving pet owners throughout Mesquite, East Dallas, Oaklawn, and Preston Hollow, they provide almost ten acres of doggy paradise with two swimming pools and countless toys. Call (972) 636-9494 to speak with a representative about their pet boarding and day care options, or visit their website to learn more about their facilities and services. 

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