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At the Flower Mound UBIF, we specialize in electronics repairs for smartphones, tablets, computers - anything with a power button. We can repair everything from broken screens on iPhones and Samsung Galaxy devices to water damage cleanup for tablets and laptops. Whether you need a battery replacement for an aging device, or your PC is giving you blue screens and incessant pop-ups, we can help. Not sure what service you need? No worries. Bring it in and we’ll be happy to diagnose your devices’ ailments. Our diagnostics are always free!

5 Ways to Boost iPad® Speed August 7, 2019

Flower Mound, Denton
5 Ways to Boost iPad® Speed, Flower Mound, Texas

We live in a world where the answers to our burning questions can be at our fingertips instantly thanks to technology. Therefore, if you’re trying to look up directions to a restaurant or watch a movie on your screen, a slow iPad® can be disproportionately frustrating. However, there might be a simple solution to the speed issues you’re experiencing. Before you schedule iPad repair service, give the following troubleshooting methods a try. 

How Can I Increase the Speed of My iPad?

1. Reboot the Device

Rebooting clears out RAM, which is integral to smooth operation when using your iPad. It can also shut down apps that are currently running, which might be causing the device to slow down. 

2. Delete Files to Create Free Space

The more items you have stored on your iPad, the slower it will run. This is especially true with older devices. Deleting some apps and other files that you no longer need is a simple way to boost improvement. 

3. Don’t Update Your IOS

ipad repairIOS updates make your device work faster, but only if it’s relatively new. For older devices, an update can actually cause problems because the device might not be able to keep up with all the new features. Turning off auto-updates can improve operation in this case. 

4. Turn Off Background App Refresh

This process continually refreshes any apps that are left open. If you regularly have numerous apps open at one time, this otherwise helpful feature can really bog down operation. Change settings so that only certain apps refresh in the background. You can access the menu via Settings, then selecting General, and finally Background App Refresh. 

5. Relocate Videos 

iPads are useful for snapping high-quality videos and photos. However, videos, in particular, can take up a lot of room, and if you’ve had your device for a while, you might have a cache of them currently stored. If there are videos you don’t want to delete, consider relocating them to another device or storing them on an external hard drive.


If your device is experiencing a more serious issue, uBreakiFix provides reliable iPad repair in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas. They easily diagnose common issues using more than a decade of experience and will offer an iPad repair solution that is both effective and affordable. They also service many other devices, including iPhones®, Android® phones, gaming consoles, and computers. Find a location near you by visiting their website. If you’d like to schedule iPad repair or need help with another device, feel free to call (214) 771-7337 today.

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