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Understanding Critical Illness Insurance August 14, 2019

Hurst Park, Northeast Tarrant
Understanding Critical Illness Insurance, Northeast Tarrant, Texas

With health care costs continuing to rise, individuals need to protect themselves with insurance. However, standard health insurance might not be enough to cover the costs to treat cancer, stroke, or other critical conditions. That’s what critical illness insurance coverage is for. The guide below offers further information about this type of coverage and who can benefit from it.

What Is Critical Illness Insurance?

Critical illness insurance coverage is a type of plan that provides policyholders with a lump sump payment if they get diagnosed with a critical illness that’s listed on their policy. Because your insurer will pay cash directly to you, the money can be used to pay for other expenses too, such as home care costs, your mortgage, or the utility bills.

Who Needs Critical Illness Insurance Coverage

insurance coverageAdvances in medical technology are helping more and more people survive cancer and other serious health conditions these days. However, the costs to treat these types of illnesses can be astronomical. That’s why people of all ages can benefit from critical illness insurance coverage.

If you’re still debating whether it is worth the money, take a look at your family history. Has anyone in your immediate family been diagnosed with cancer, kidney failure or other serious illnesses? Also, ask yourself if you would be able to pay all monthly expenses if you came down with a severe health condition. If the answer is no, critical illness insurance is something to consider.


If you have additional questions about critical illness insurance coverage, turn to Landis Barrow of USHEALTH Advisors. Based in Hurst, TX, this insurance agent and life coach is dedicated to helping his clients find health and life insurance policies that fit their needs and budgets. He offers everything from critical and medical insurance to life and dental insurance. To get a quote, call (817) 501-9154 or visit his website for more information about his services.