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4 Ways to Choose the Right Artwork for Your Home August 12, 2019

Campbell Park Acres, Anchorage
4 Ways to Choose the Right Artwork for Your Home, Anchorage, Alaska

Artwork adds color, interest, and sophistication to any space. When you’re searching for the right pieces at an art gallery, you’ll have an abundance of beautiful, diverse options to choose from. Knowing how to shop for art will make the decision much easier. To help you find items that will suit your home’s aesthetic, here are some factors to consider when browsing artwork.

Factors to Consider When Shopping at an Art Gallery

1. Color

When picking artwork for a particular space, consider the color scheme of the room. The shades featured on the prints don’t need to be exactly the same, or even similar, but they should complement the rest of your decor. For example, if your home is contemporary, a picture that features negative space or metallic elements will fit right in. Take pictures of the room to compare with the selection at the art gallery.

art gallery2. Size

Before you begin your search, you should have a general idea of how big or small the pieces must be. A small print won’t fill a large space by itself, while an oversized one can make a small room feel cluttered. As a general rule, you should leave a few inches of space between frames and wall decor. Pictures above your sofa should total no more than two-thirds of its width to create balance.

3. Style

Art galleries hold a wide range of styles from local artists. Traditional art styles can suit a rustic or Victorian-style living room, but you could also build an interesting contrast with a more modern piece. Style is personal, so look for items that stand out to you or that you keep returning to.

4. Framing

Take advantage of custom framing services to enhance and protect your prints. Quality framing can add an entirely new element to a piece while providing a sturdy shield against dust and stains. If you like a picture but aren’t happy with its frame, you can develop a custom unit for it to best suit your home.


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