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5 Reasons to Create a Log Cabin-Inspired Custom Home August 13, 2019

Bigfork, Flathead
5 Reasons to Create a Log Cabin-Inspired Custom Home, Bigfork, Montana

Among the many advantages of a custom home is the freedom to design it however you want. Depending on your sources of inspiration and aesthetic, you can create a house that’s rustic, retro, or even ultra-modern. If you’re someone who enjoys the great outdoors, why not build a property that’s inspired by log cabins? If you still need incentive to create this kind of space, here are a few reasons to live in a wooden oasis.

What Are the Benefits of a Log Cabin Custom Home?

1. Good Acoustics

Custom homes made with wooden frames have better acoustics compared to other modern houses. That’s because unlike cement, thick log walls are useful in absorbing excess noise and echo. Due to its noise-reduction properties, you’ll feel more comfortable when you’re in your space and get better sleep.

2. Better Indoor Air Quality

Unlike other structures, a custom home made with wood can “breathe” through its walls. Most wooden walls can balance out moisture variations because of natural ventilation properties. Lumber can absorb excess moisture and release it back whenever indoor air becomes too dry. Some logs are even treated with antibacterial agents, which help keep the air fresh and clean.

3. Energy Efficiency

A log custom home can be as energy-efficient as ones made with traditional construction materials. A tightly sealed log house can deliver energy savings to help you reduce your utility bills and carbon footprint. Moreover, wood has a natural capacity for keeping home interiors comfy by absorbing, storing, and radiating heat.

4. Nature Exposurecustom home

The use of natural materials like wood or timber in your interiors will make you feel like Mother Nature is living with you. You can also add skylights and glass walls or doors to provide views of the outside. There are plenty of health benefits that come with exposing yourself to the environment, including reduced anxiety and improved sleep.

5. Cozy, Rustic Appearance

It’s undeniable that a log cabin-inspired home is beautiful, especially if you’re a fan of the rustic aesthetic. Wooden ceilings, walls, and floors make for cozy interiors all year round. Even with a natural vibe, your custom home doesn’t have to be old-school in terms of style. With modern decor and furniture, you can transform the space into a luxurious retreat.


If you want a custom home inspired by log cabins, discuss your idea with a building contractor from Doug Collins Construction in Bigfork, MT. With over four decades of experience, they are fully committed to helping clients achieve the home of their dreams. They’re with you from concept to construction to ensure the process goes smoothly. Learn more about the home styles they create online or call (406) 249-5325 to schedule a consultation.