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3 Tips for Selecting a Business Sign Font August 9, 2019

Mount Washington, Bullitt
3 Tips for Selecting a Business Sign Font, Mount Washington, Kentucky

Your business sign introduces customers to your brand. It needs to be eye-catching and representative of what you do—and above all, it needs to be easy to read. Below are some tips to help you select a clear, attractive font for your commercial sign.

How to Choose a Font for Your Business Sign

1. Consider Brand Character

What does your business do, and what image are you trying to project? Simple, minimalist fonts can be chic for retailers, while a script or brushstroke can convey style and luxury. No matter what message you want to send, avoid overly ornate or embellished typefaces that are difficult to read from a distance. Try combining fonts to draw customers in and give them information. For example, using a bold serif font for your business name and a simple one for your address and hours tells visitors what they need to know while making an impression.

2. Consider Legibility

business signNo matter how well-designed a sign is, customers will miss your message if the writing is hard to decipher. Business signs need to make sense to both pedestrians and drivers who can only take their eyes off the road for a second. Maximize your reach with a bold, sans-serif font of uniform thickness. It is easiest to read and understand from a distance.

3. Increase Character Spacing

If your sign is illuminated, consider how the glow affects readability. The easiest way to combat visual crowding is to put more space between the letters than you think you need. This ensures your sign is as legible in the dark or the rain as it is on a clear, sunny day. Letter and word spacing are especially important if your sign includes decorative fonts that are more detailed than other options.

For expert assistance with business sign design, contact Louisville Sign Company in Mount Washington, KY. They are locally owned and operated and have served clients throughout Bullitt County for more than 20 years. In addition to commercial signs, they also specialize in monument signs, neon signs, building signs, and crane rentals with an operator. Visit their website to view past projects, and call (502) 957-2161 to arrange a consultation.

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