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7 Best Fresh Fish to Eat During Summer July 29, 2019

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7 Best Fresh Fish to Eat During Summer, Bon Secour, Alabama

There’s nothing quite like enjoying the summer beaches with the fresh fish that the sea provides. Some fish are especially suitable for the season because they’re more plentiful this time of year. You can eat any of these fish all year round, but since they thrive in the warm weather and are therefore more available, they’re a perfect way to enjoy the season.

7 Best Fresh Fish to Eat During Summer

1. Bluefish

With their distinctive, potent flavor, bluefish are a summer favorite for seafood enthusiasts who love a strong fishy taste. They go bad quicker than other fresh fish, though, so if you get one, cook it on the same day. Grill or bake it with lots of citrus juice to complement its boldness.

2. Flounder

Lean, mild, and flaky, flounder often make a delectable snack or light meal. For best results, throw it in a skillet with generous amounts of white wine, butter, or sauce, which can bring out its naturally sweet flavor and keep it from drying out easily.

3. Mahi Mahi

fresh fishThough not as sweet as flounder, the mahi mahi have a delightful tenderness and light flavor. If you cook it with spices or strong herbs, you’ll find that it strikes a unique contrast with the fish’s mildness, creating an overall mouthwatering taste, as long as you’re careful not to overcook it.

4. Sea Bass

These fresh fish are fairly easy to cook simply because they’re so rich in oils that they’re remarkably soft, tender, and juicy no matter what you do. Whether you grill, sautée, steam, or bake it, enhance its naturally buttery taste with citrus and strong herbs.

5. Snappers

Both red and yellowtail snappers are excellent summer treats. Red snappers, in particular, are known for their skin being as delicious as their sweet meat, while the lean yellowtail snappers are celebrated for their moist flakiness. They can each be cooked equally well in a variety of ways, but they’re especially good when stuffed with vegetables and drizzled with citrus juice.

6. Tilapia

As one of the mildest and flakiest fish, tilapia is one of the most popular and versatile fresh fish around. If they’re baked with plenty of butter, sauce, and herbs or spices, they can be wrapped up in tortillas or lettuce or served as an entree with vegetables or soup.

7. Tuna

One of the advantages of tuna, besides its sweet flavor and firm texture, is that it’s one of the healthiest fresh fish you can eat. Tuna lends itself well to many kinds of cooking, but if you just go with butter, salt, and pepper, it will be more than delicious enough.

In addition to selling all these fresh fish during the summer and every other time of year, Billy's Seafood, Inc. of Bon Secour, AL, proudly provides shrimp, crab, and crawfish. If you can’t visit them at their location, they’ll deliver. To learn more, call them at (251) 949-6288 or message them online.

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