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How to Clean Your Vehicle's Auto Glass August 16, 2019

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How to Clean Your Vehicle's Auto Glass , Rochester, New York

For safety reasons, it's important to always keep your car windshield and windows clear of damage and dirt. For any chips or cracks, head to your local auto glass repair shop. However, if you’re dealing with dirt, smashed bugs, bird droppings, or other types of grime, the right cleaner will do the trick. With these helpful cleaning tips and techniques, you’ll have your windows sparkling clean in no time.

Auto Glass Cleaning Techniques

How to Choose the Right Cleaner

Ammonia-based cleaners cut grease and grime, but shouldn't be used on car windows. Ammonia can dry out and damage leather, plastic, rubber, and vinyl. It can also strip away your window tint. Additionally, the fumes from ammonia can be dangerous when inhaled in enclosed areas, such as a vehicle. Avoid cleaners containing alcohol or any other substance that could produce toxic gas. Look for glass cleaners labeled non-toxic, fume-free, and streak-free.

Auto glass repairIf you are unsure which auto glass cleaner is right for your windows, ask the car dealership where you purchased your vehicle or your local auto glass repair shop for suggestions.

How to Properly Clean Auto Glass

Clean your glass after washing the rest of your vehicle. Don’t work in the sun because it will cause the cleaner to evaporate too quickly. Use a microfiber towel to avoid lint, streaks, and scratches. Wipe straight back and forth in long strokes, and then up and down, rather than a circular motion. After wiping the surface clean, switch to the other side of the towel (or a different towel) to buff the surface to a streak-free shine. Inspect your windshield for chips and cracks while cleaning. Call your auto glass repair shop to fix or replace glass, if needed.

How to Get a More Thorough Clean

Don't use newspaper, old t-shirts, or rags to clean your auto glass. Instead, use high-quality microfiber cloths. The electrostatic charge in microfiber lifts dirt away from the surface, so you aren't dragging debris across your windows as you clean. This helps you achieve a more thorough clean, while reducing the risk of scratches.

Vinegar can be used to remove sticky substances from your windshield and windows. Apply the vinegar to residue until it's completely saturated, and then remove it with a rubber spatula or credit card. You should also wipe down your windshield wiper blades with a cloth dampened with white vinegar as well.



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