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5 Myths About Electrolysis August 7, 2019

Oak Lawn, Northeast Dallas
5 Myths About Electrolysis, Northeast Dallas, Texas

If you are looking for a permanent hair removal solution, electrolysis may be the answer. It’s the only permanent hair removal method approved by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA), and it can be effective for anyone. Though many myths exist about this process, the guide below should help clarify these misconceptions.

1. Pain

Electrolysis doesn’t cause you overwhelming pain. In fact, many people feel absolutely nothing. At most, you might feel a mild tingling sensation during treatment. If you do experience some discomfort, a topical anesthetic can be applied for relief.

2. Cost

While waxing is cheaper per session, consider the long-term costs. After regular sessions for several months, your hair growth will be eradicated permanently. It will not grow back. In contrast, you would need waxing sessions every six weeks for the rest of your life.

3. Effectiveness 

ElectrolysisDuring the procedure, a tiny, sterile probe enters the hair follicle without piercing the skin. Your technician will gently send a small electric current down the hair follicle to the root. This process kills the hair and destroys its ability to regrow hair in the future. Electrolysis isn't just effective; it's permanent.

4. Target Areas 

Electrolysis can treat any area of the body, large and small. From a few chin hairs to full legs, there are no restrictions on where you can get the treatment.

5. Other Alternatives

Laser hair removal does not remove hair permanently, and not everyone is a good candidate for the technology. Laser hair removal works best on dark, coarse hairs on people with light skin because of the contrast between the skin and the dark hair. Fine, blond, or gray hair cannot be targeted properly by the laser. In contrast, electrolysis can effectively remove unwanted hair for good, no matter your skin or the hair’s color.


If you are looking for a permanent hair removal solution, contact Hair Today Gone Tomorrow in Dallas, TX. Using tried-and-true electrolysis techniques and state-of-the-art machinery, their skilled technicians will make you feel comfortable as they eliminate hair safely. They offer free consultations to learn more about electrolysis, and you'll receive 25% off your first hour of service. Call (682) 593-1442 to set an appointment or visit their website to read testimonials from past clients.

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