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4 Tips for Storing Musical instruments August 8, 2019

Wilmington, New Hanover
4 Tips for Storing Musical instruments, Wilmington, North Carolina

If cared for properly, a high-quality musical instrument can last for decades, even centuries. However, these items must be stored properly to protect them from moisture and temperature swings. If you’d like to keep your musical belongings in top condition, below are some tips for preparing your instruments for a long-term stay in a storage unit.

4 Tips for Storing Musical Instruments

1. Woodwinds & Brass

Disassemble the instrument into its constituent parts to eliminate pressure on the joints. Place a small cloth or paper between the pads to prevent them from collecting moisture and becoming sticky. Clean the instrument inside and out to remove dust, oils, and moisture. Store it out of the sun and in a place of low humidity.

2. Pianos 

Storage unit in Leland, NCWrap the legs and bench in pads or blankets to protect them against scuffing and gouges. Cover it with a tarp or sheet to guard against dust, mildew, and pests. Do not store anything on top of it. Pianos are sensitive to heat, cold, and humidity, so choose a climate-controlled storage unit.  

3. String Instruments

Release tension on the strings. In fact, it's best to remove them altogether. Loosen the hairs of the bow. Wipe the string instrument with a clean cloth and store it inside its own case. Because wood is sensitive to moisture and temperature, make sure you keep it in a climate-controlled storage unit. 

4. Percussion

If you’re storing drums, loosen the drumheads to avoid stretching the material. Remove cymbals and store them in their case. Cover with a tarpaulin to prevent dust accumulation. 

Regardless of the type of instrument you’re storing, keep all instruments off the ground, and clean and polish them before storing. If you do not have a case intended for it, store your instrument in a sturdy box filled with packing peanuts and label it on the outside so you know the contents are fragile.



If you need a climate-controlled storage unit to keep your musical instrument safe, contact Leland Self Storage, a secure self-storage facility in Leland, NC. Their units have insulated roofs, walls, and floors with extra sealant barriers that block airborne debris. They also offer U-Haul® rentals. Visit their website to read more storage tips or call (910) 399-4719 to ask about storage unit sizes and pricing.