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4 Types of Toilets to Consider August 15, 2019

4 Types of Toilets to Consider, ,

If you're planning a home improvement project in your bathroom, replacing the toilet will help create the aesthetic you want. However, there are many different types of toilet models, shapes, and designs available, making the decision a difficult one. Here are some of the main types to consider for your bathroom remodeling project.

A Guide to the Different Types of Toilets

1. Two-Piece

This is a classic toilet design, with a bowl and a separate, connected tank. During your bathroom remodeling project, you can match different tanks and bowls to meet your design needs; for instance, if you prefer a circular bowl or a more narrow one, you can pair either with your preferred tank shape and size. Two-piece toilets are durable, long-lasting, and efficient.

2. One-Piece

bathroom remodelingThese toilets are becoming more popular. The tank and bowl are one solid piece, making it easy to install and clean, as there are fewer gaps between separate pieces where mess can accumulate. They’re also more compact than two-piece toilets, making them ideal if you have limited floor space.

3. Tankless

Some modern toilet designs have no tank at all. Instead, they rely on built-in pressurizing equipment to create the rush of water when you flush. They take up little space and create a minimalist look. However, they do use more water than a traditional design. 

4. Wall-Hanging

Also called wall-mounted toilets, this option takes up limited space. They create a modern look, as the tank is hidden away inside the wall. They are easier to install during the initial construction, but you can add one to your existing bathroom if you re-do the wall behind it.


If you're planning a bathroom remodeling project, visit Valley Design Center in Manhattan’s Midtown East neighborhood. They offer Kraftmaid® and Toto® products and can help you with every aspect of your remodel, from the design to the installation. To get started on your bathroom remodeling project, call (212) 832-4200 or contact them online.

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