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5 Steps to Get Your Garage Door Ready for a Home Inspection August 8, 2019

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5 Steps to Get Your Garage Door Ready for a Home Inspection, Elizabethtown, Kentucky

The home inspection process is an important part of preparing to sell. While many homeowners think about fresh paint and roof repairs, other issues, such as garage door service, are easier to miss. The garage is one of your home’s access points, so it’s a critical safety feature. Problems with it could prompt buyers to lower their offer. Here are a few ways to get your garage door ready for a professional home inspection and maximize your asking price.

5 Garage Door Services You Need Before a Home Inspection

1. Clean & Treat the Surface

A clean garage door boosts curb appeal. If you only see a little debris, wipe all the components with a rag and water. You may need a scrub brush or pressure washer to remove stubborn buildup or stains. No matter which way you wash the doors, make sure they’re dry to prevent corrosion.

2. Test the Lift Mechanisms

As long as you’re still living in the home, you’ll need to use the garage door opener. Take note of any issues that may come up, such as odd noises, slow movement, or shaking, that point to a mechanical problem. If the door doesn’t respond at all, troubleshoot for problems with the power source and receiver. It’s also important to make sure that the overhead door is fully functional without power by opening and closing it manually.  

3. Lubricate the Moving Parts

garage door serviceIf you heard any squeaking or noticed sticky movement upon opening or closing the door, lubricating some of the moving parts may help. Since applying lubricant directly to the track can create problems, it’s best to use a small amount of oil to the hinges and the rollers.

4. Check the Seal

A high-quality garage door should feature a weather-sealing strip along the bottom edge. This important part prevents energy loss, reduces the risk of flood damage, and keeps pests from entering. If the strip is loose or fails to touch the ground completely, take it off and replace it.

5. Get a Professional Tune-Up

Even if the structure seems to be working correctly, it’s wise to call a garage door service for a tune-up before the home inspection. Qualified technicians will be able to address issues with specific parts, such as the springs, rollers, and opener. Some of these parts are dangerous for homeowners to handle, but a repair professional will have the tools and training to do the work safely.


If you’re ready to sell your home, Elizabethtown Overhead in Hardin County, KY, can address your garage door service needs. Their experienced team provides routine tune-ups and part repairs to keep your door operating smoothly. If the door is past its prime, they can even install a new one with the latest features for a safer, more attractive home. Visit them online for service details, and call (270) 763-9121 to request an estimate.

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