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A Guide to Mulching July 30, 2019

Berrett, Carroll
A Guide to Mulching, Berrett, Maryland

Mulching is a lawn care material that boosts the home’s appeal while ensuring that garden beds remain healthy and moisturized to encourage proper plant growth. Options are available in a variety of styles and colors for landscaping, from reds to browns to blacks. This guide explains the different types of mulch and how it benefits the plants in your garden.

Understanding Mulching & Its Importance

Common Types of Mulch

There are two types of mulching options: organic and inorganic. Organic mulch is environmentally friendly because it decomposes into the earth’s soil. Examples of organic mulch include wood chips, shredded bark, and straw. Organic options add nutrients to the soil, as well.

Inorganic mulch, such as stone or plastic, doesn’t break down, but it offers a beautiful finish that lasts for several years. Stone, for example, adds a stylish touch to the home’s exterior. Homeowners typically lay landscaping fabric first to decrease weed growth, and then arrange the stone in place, either near a garden bed or a walking path. This type of mulch should be replaced when a stone breaks or when it’s weathered from the elements. 

How Mulch Works

mulchingMulching garden beds insulates and protects the soil. When the weather is hot, this material creates a barrier that absorbs the sun’s ultraviolet rays, allowing the soil to retain moisture by reducing evaporation and soaking up rainfall. Adding this material also decreases weed growth by making it easier to pull the pesky plants out of the ground. When mulch is present, the weeds have a difficult time digging root into the soil. They often take root into the mulch instead, making it easier to pull up because the mulch is loose.

What Is the Best Mulch?

Leaves are an effective mulching fertilizer. They contain dense nutrients and have twice the mineral content of manure. Leaves rich in nitrogen—such as those from an Eastern hemlock—improve drainage aeration in the soil. They can serve as compost, mold, or mulch, making them the most valuable option.

Bark is another mulching option that is commonly placed around trees and shrubs. It helps preserve the soil moisture and protects plants from harsh weather conditions. It prevents weeds from sprouting and creates a nice finish to your yard. It is environmentally friendly, helping to improve the fertility of soil as it decomposes.



Mulching your garden annually will allow plants to retain essential moisturize while boosting your home’s curb appeal. The team at Myers Lawn Care Services provides services from mulch to hardscaping and lawn care to garden care. Residents across Carroll County, MD, count on this professional company for tree services and irrigation. To improve your lawn’s health and boost its appeal, call (443) 398-2960 or visit them online for a full list of services.

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