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How IPA & Lager Beers Differ August 2, 2019

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How IPA & Lager Beers Differ, Norwich, Connecticut

You probably have a beer that you favor. But even if you know the name, you might not be aware of the differences between the various types available at beer stores. Among the most popular are lagers and Indian Pale Ales, or IPAs. Here is what you need to know about what sets them apart from one another.


beer storeYou’re likely to find many lagers at beer stores and restaurants. Known for their crisp, smooth flavor profiles, they were born in Northern Europe. While many beers ferment quickly and at warm temperatures, lager beer differs in that it contains yeast that ferments much more slowly at a cooler temperature. This is known as bottom-fermenting, and in ancient times, beer would be cold-fermented in areas like dark caves during fall and winter. Thanks to the colder climate, the yeast would sink to the bottom of the barrel so that the beer would ferment for longer periods.

Most common lagers are golden, but some have richer hues of amber or red-brown. These darker blends also have distinct flavor profiles similar to licorice. The generally light flavor, however, makes it an ideal partner for heavier, spicier foods. The most common varieties are pale lager, which is light and lowest in alcohol content, the golden pilsner, and the more robust bock. If you’re at the beer store, you may wish to experiment with the varieties to get a taste for how much they can differ.


By comparison, IPAs don’t take as long to ferment. The process was developed largely as a means to serve beer to English troops who were located in India, which was simply too hot to ferment brews properly. An Englishman had the idea to send them a strong pale ale, which ferments quickly in warm temperatures, and added more hops and alcohol to help it stay fresh as it traveled to India. The result was India Pale Ale, or IPA.

Since it contains more hops than other beers and depends on top-fermenting the yeast, the brew has a considerably richer and more bitter flavor than the average lager. There are several different types of lagers, including the golden Double IPA, the herbal American, and the lighter profile English.



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