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5 Popular Drinks & Refreshing Ways to Enjoy Them August 14, 2019

Flatbush, Brooklyn
5 Popular Drinks & Refreshing Ways to Enjoy Them, Brooklyn, New York

There’s nothing like relaxing with your favorite cocktail. Whether you’re enjoying time with friends or unwinding after a stressful work day, kicking back with a delicious mixed drink is a relaxing experience. When deciding on a cocktail to mark an enjoyable evening, it’s important to consider the alcohol content and mixing potential of various liquors. Check out the list below for helpful details on some of the most popular alcohols.

Popular Liquors for Mixed Drinks

1. Vodka

This clear liquor that can be easily mixed, and it typically has an ABV, or alcohol by volume, between 40% and 95%. Made via the same fermentation process as beer or wine, it’s additionally distilled for a strong taste. With this level of alcohol content, a vodka mixed drink with tonic or orange juice makes for a delicious concoction.

2. Gin

Starting with a neutral distilled spirit, gin is made by adding fragrant botanicals like juniper berries to give it a pine smell and taste. A clear alcohol with an ABV between 36% and 50%, gin mixes well with orange, grapefruit, or lime flavors.

3. Rum

cocktailRum is made from fermented sugarcane, molasses, beet sugar, or another variation of non-fruit sugar. Distilled to remove any sediment, it has a 36% to 50% ABV and is a mainstay in many tropical mixed drinks.

4. Whiskey

A wide-ranging alcohol, whiskey can be broken down into scotch, bourbon, and Irish and Canadian variations. Made in oak barrels that give it a light brown hue, whiskey’s ABV can range from 36% to 50%, depending on how long it has aged. As a dark liquor, it mixes well with cola, ginger, or lemon and lime flavors.

5. Tequila

With an ABV of 50%, tequila offers a potent taste with a good kick and is made from fermented agave. Perhaps the best-known drink associated with tequila is the margarita, which can be served frozen or on the rocks. 


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