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3 Tips for Going to a Bar if You Don’t Drink August 8, 2019

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3 Tips for Going to a Bar if You Don’t Drink, Lincoln, Nebraska

There are many reasons people choose to abstain from drinking alcohol. However, you may feel awkward going to a bar with friends or coworkers knowing you won’t be imbibing. The guide below offers suggestions for these scenarios.

Bar Strategies for Non-Drinkers

1. Go Anyway

If your co-workers are planning to go out for happy hour, don’t skip out. It’s an opportunity to spend time with people you like or get to know people you don’t know that well—and this chance to network may benefit you both personally and professionally. 

2. Offer to Drive

Fatal alcohol-related car accidents occur approximately 29 times per day. If you are not planning to drink anyway, offer to be the designated driver. This will be viewed as a thoughtful gesture and will keep your friends from getting behind the wheel after one too many. 

3. Order a Mocktail

barA drink doesn’t need alcohol in it to be a treat. Mocktails are often refreshing and come in endless unique flavors. They’re also generally more affordable than what others are ordering. You can ask the bartender to garnish it like a normal cocktail if you don’t want it to be obvious that you’re not drinking. This is a convenient trick for those who are pregnant and don’t want their party to know yet, or simply don’t want to stick out with a glass of water at the cocktail lounge.


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