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When to Schedule Windshield Repair or Replacement August 12, 2019

Middletown, Orange
When to Schedule Windshield Repair or Replacement, Middletown, New York

Auto glass plays an integral role in your overall safety and comfort when driving and riding in a vehicle. When your windshield sustains damage and there are cracks or chips visible, maintenance should be a priority. As you plan, here is what you should know about windshield repair and replacement. 

Understanding How to Manage a Damaged Windshield

Why Is Driving With a Damaged Windshield Dangerous?

The first issue you’ll encounter with a damaged windshield is visibility. It can be difficult to properly navigate the road and take in your surroundings when a crack is hindering the view. When your windshield is cracked or chipped, its structural integrity has also been compromised. Thus, if you’re in an accident, the glass can crack or shatter increasing the risk of injury to any occupants within the vehicle.

Beyond personal injury, a damaged windshield makes your vehicle an easy target for theft, as it’s much easier to break auto glass that is already cracked. Water and unwanted moisture can also enter your vehicle through a cracked windshield that can ruin upholstery and lead to mold and mildew smells. 

When Should You Schedule Repairs or Replacements?

Windshield RepairAs soon as you notice a crack or chip, call an auto glass shop to schedule windshield repair. A small chip can be fixed by a professional using resin and a UV lamp at a lower price point. Damage that is left unattended can spread and cracks can grow as you continue to drive your vehicle. When cracks and chips are right in the driver’s field of vision or there are three or more holes and cracks that are spreading, repairs are often off the table. In this situation, replacement is necessary to restore full visibility and the structural integrity of your car. 



If you’re based in Orange County, NY, and you’re looking for an auto glass expert to help with windshield repair or replacement, Glass Doctor® of Middletown NY is just a phone call away. Since opening for business in 1962, this glass replacement and repair company has earned a reputation for friendly, quality service at fair prices. Call today at (845) 343-4611 to discuss your needs and visit their website to view a full list of services and special offers.