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3 Powerful Benefits of Large-Format Tiles August 13, 2019

Lihue, Kauai
3 Powerful Benefits of Large-Format Tiles, Lihue, Hawaii

When you visit a tile store for the first time, you can get overwhelmed with the options. With thousands of colors, shapes, and sizes, you might wonder what is best for your home. Here are three reasons you should think about selecting a large-format floor tile, and why you won’t regret your decision.

Benefits of Large-Format Tile

1. Improved Aesthetics

Large-format tiles createfloor tile a seamless appearance since there is less surface area surrounded by grout. In addition to creating a more robust and uniform look, fewer grout lines also improve aesthetics because stained grout becomes less noticeable. Large-format tiles are also used to create bold and exciting floor tile designs, such as large checks.

2. Easier Installation and Removal

The fewer tiles used, the easier the installation. Because large-format floor tiles cover a considerable amount of surface area, installation is faster and easier. You can easily measure dimensions and cut the tiles to size, which reduces waste during the installation process. When it is time to switch out the floor tile, removal is also easier, because there is less grout and the sections come up in massive chunks. 

3. Manageable Maintenance

Since large-format tiles create broad sections of solid floor covering, you will reduce maintenance issues stemming from leaks and damaged grout. This aspect makes large-format tiles ideal for areas that require waterproofing, such as kitchens, bathrooms, and family rooms adjacent to swimming pools.


Whether you are thinking about new floor tile for your kitchen, bathroom, or the entire home, the team at Pacific Tile Imports can help. With a commitment to excellent product selection and customer service, they will help with everything from budget tile to rich large-format varieties. For more information about the types of tile in stock, visit their website today or give their Lihue, HI, office a call at (808) 245-1765.

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