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How Does an X-Ray Help Find Bone Fractures? August 8, 2019

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How Does an X-Ray Help Find Bone Fractures?, Kenai, Alaska

X-rays are an essential diagnostic tool most useful for identifying and diagnosing bone fractures. Not only can they verify that a bone is indeed broken, but they can also determine the severity of the fracture, which helps the doctor determine the best treatment.

3 Pieces of Information an X-Ray Provides About a Fracture

1. How Serious a Fracture Is

While a fracture always requires timely medical care, some breaks are more severe than others. With something like a serious car accident, the bone may be left segmented. This means that the bone has broken down into numerous larger pieces, which are separated from the bone itself. A fracture can also cause the bone to splinter. More than two splintered segments of bone are commonly referred to as comminution.

2. Misalignment of a Fracture

x-rayWith a break, the bone may actually shift out of proper positioning. There can be a minor alteration in the position or the joint may actually be moved from its original alignment within the bone. A bone may also become shorter due to muscle contractions resulting from the break. The severity and angle of misalignment is usually described in degrees.

3. Fracture Location

Fracture location is another important characteristic that is picked up via X-ray. For example, a break occurring close to or involving the joint is considered more serious due to the risk of arthritis if proper alignment isn’t restored. A break can also occur within the center of the bone, which is sometimes referred to as the shaft, or towards the middle of the body.


When in need of an X-ray, Kenai Peninsula Imaging Center, LLC offers a relaxed and efficient office experience to its patients. Their diagnostic imaging professionals will put your mind at ease, whether you have concerns about a fractured bone or are experiencing symptoms of pneumonia. They also provide many other diagnostic services, such as CT scans and MRIs. Access helpful patient resources online before your visit. You can also call (907) 335-4674 for more information on scheduling an appointment.

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