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5 Warning Signs of Central Air System Failure August 9, 2019

Hamden, New Haven County
5 Warning Signs of Central Air System Failure , Hamden, Connecticut

There is nothing like a central air system ceasing to work on a scorching day to throw off your summer plans. Rather than dealing with this warm weather pitfall, familiarize yourself with the warning signs of a failing central air system to schedule timely repairs or a replacement with an HVAC contractor. And since failing systems cost more to operate, it’s always best to schedule service right away.

5 Signs Your Central Air System Is Failing

1. Lack Of Cool Air

Perhaps the most obvious sign of a failing central air system is a noticeable lack of cool air. This usually means there’s either a blockage in your refrigerant line or a freon leak that keeps the system from cooling outside air and pushing it into your home. It can also mean the system is simply old and worn out.

2. Loud Noises

Loud noises typically indicate a problem with the system’s fan motor such as twigs and other debris that keep hitting the mechanism during use. Excessive noise pollution may also indicate a worn-out motor that needs immediate servicing. Other noises signaling a problem include grinding sounds that tell you a metal component needs lubrication or that a belt has fallen out of place.

3. Weak Air Flow

central airProblematic airflow could mean the system’s compressor unit is about to die or that excessive debris is clogging the vents. It could also indicate clogged or leaking ductwork, particularly if some rooms are cool, but others are not.

4. Condensation & Leaks

When the drain tube responsible for eliminating built-up condensation gets clogged or damaged, you’ll notice a pool of water near the central air system. Leaking refrigerant is another potential issue. Never handle refrigerant yourself since it’s a highly toxic liquid.

5. Foul Odors

If your system’s wire insulation burns, the unit emits a foul odor that affects your home’s air quality. Musty odors indicate that mold and mildew have accumulated within the unit or the ductwork and need attention to avoid allergic reactions and asthma. 



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