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How to Get Cats & Dogs to Coexist Peacefully August 14, 2019

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How to Get Cats & Dogs to Coexist Peacefully , Nicholasville, Kentucky

The old saying, “fight like cat and dog,” refers to two people who intensely argue with each other. The idiom also reflects just how hostile the relationship is between these two types of animals. While this dynamic may be a problem if you own both a cat and a dog, it’s also a concern in a pet daycare housing both species. The information below explains why these animals may be opposed to a furry camaraderie, and gives tips for how to fix their opposition.

Why Dogs and Cats Aren’t Always Friendly to Each Other 

pet daycareIt’s natural for dogs and cats to not get along with each other. Dogs perceive cats as animals they should hunt, while cats see dogs as predators. Despite this universal tendency to detest each other, it’s not uncommon to see cats and dogs growing up in the same household and interacting peacefully. According to veterinarians, there’s a bigger chance of the two pets getting along if they meet each other when they’re very young. However, an older cat and dog meeting each other for the first time in a pet daycare center are likely to act aggressively towards each other. 

How You Can Help Your Dog to Get Along with Your Cat

Take Note of a Pet’s Personality

When it comes to encouraging pets to be friendly to each other, their personality is the biggest determining factor. Typically, a highly territorial dog most likely wouldn’t get along with a skittish cat, and an aging dog would probably be irritated by a playful kitten. If their personalities jive, keep them in adjoining rooms with the doors closed to introduce them slowly. 

Restrain Your Dog

Dogs have a natural tendency to chase darting fluffy things. When a dog sees a cat scuttling away, its primary instinct is to run after it. Make sure that your dog is well-restrained to prevent a fight from occurring. Try a nylon leash and also use a training collar or thick chain collar for stocky dogs; only use short pulls. Nylon collars may be substituted for training collars, as they are extremely durable. Let a daycare know if your dog needs special restraints.

Minimize Opportunities for Competition

If it’s not possible to keep dogs and cats apart in your home, at least keep their food and toys in separate parts of the house. You’ll avoid competition over resources. If food or toy separation isn’t working, try a deterrent spray in the room, which you can find at a local pet store. Since pet daycare centers keep dogs and cats in different wings to prevent brawls, competition shouldn’t be an issue outside of your home.


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