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How to Stop Rainwater From Infiltrating Your Garage Door August 13, 2019

Milwaukee, Milwaukee
How to Stop Rainwater From Infiltrating Your Garage Door, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Most garage doors aren’t designed to be completely waterproof. Depending on where yours is located, rainwater can seep in through the cracks and pool inside the area. If this is a persistent problem, it can lead to mold and mildew in the space or even damage to your stored belongings. To help you keep your garage dry, here are some reasons why water may be entering it and how to solve the issue.

All You Need to Know About Garage Door Water Infiltration

Why It Happens

There are several reasons why rainwater may seep under your garage door. If the soil of your yard along the driveway is set higher than the driveway, water can run down and enter the space. It could also be a blockage in your gutters, which will make liquids pool in place and eventually pour down the sides of the garage. 

How to Stop It garage doors

Your solution will depend on what’s causing the infiltration. If water is coming in through all corners, it’s most likely a gutter issue. In this case, cleaning or replacing the gutters over your garage may help them work more effectively. If the grade of the yard is the culprit, a trench in front of the garage will catch and divert water away before it seeps under the door. If your garage door is older, the factory seal may have worn or decayed over time, so a new seal might solve the problem. Weatherstripping the door along the bottom and sides will eliminate cracks that allow water to enter. If water still floods into your space, it may be necessary to install a drain in the garage to prevent pooling.


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