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4 Benefits of Resistance Band Exercises During Physical Therapy August 13, 2019

Aiea, Ewa
4 Benefits of Resistance Band Exercises During Physical Therapy, Ewa, Hawaii

If you’ve been in a major accident resulting in injury or have a problem with functional mobility, your physical therapy will include an exercise program. To rebuild strength and remedy joint pain, many physical therapists are recommending resistance bands over heavy weights and machines. Color-coded to identify the different levels of resistance, patients undergoing physical therapy are finding resistance bands to be an effective way of exercising inside and outside of the gym.

Top Perks of Using a Resistance Band

1. Skip the Gymphysical therapy

Small size and portability make resistance bands the perfect workout tool wherever you are. A busy lifestyle doesn’t always afford the time to visit a local fitness center, and other people are intimidated by the gym atmosphere. Resistance bands enable you to practice intense strength workouts at the park, at home, or even during your lunch break.

2. Variety of Exercises

With resistance bands, you can still perform most workouts that require heavier weights, including lower body, upper body, and whole-body workouts. Without gravity pulling down on dumbbells and weights, the workout will feel different. However, the color-coded resistance bands will give you an effective mixture of resistance exercises no matter your fitness level.

3. Inexpensive Training

Save money on a monthly gym membership by investing in a few resistance bands. Full sets are available for a lower cost than most monthly gym memberships, and you can ask your physical therapist if they have resistance bands available to get a complete set at no additional charge.

4. Effective Rehabilitation Tool

People going through rehabilitation benefit from exercises they can perform at home, and resistance bands are ideal for home workouts. Instead of using dumbbells and exercise machines that put excess pressure on healing joints, try light-weight resistance bands for knee-strengthening exercises and hip rehabilitation. These exercises gradually build strength back up, making them safer for physical therapy.


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