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4 FAQ About Tree Removal August 7, 2019

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4 FAQ About Tree Removal, High Point, North Carolina

When a tree poses a threat to your safety or your home’s integrity, then you may need to consider removing it altogether. This is often the best solution when simply trimming the branches isn’t sufficient. If you’re ready to hire a demolition service for tree removal, here’s what you should know.

Your Tree Removal Questions Answered

When should you consider removing a tree?

If your tree is dying or already dead, it’s important to remove it promptly to prevent it from spreading disease to neighboring vegetation. You may also decide to get rid of a tree if it encroaches in some way that is unwelcome—for example, if it poses a hazard to your home, crowds against other trees, or could cause injury to a resident, neighbor, or passersby.

Do you need a permit to remove a tree?

tree removalHomeowners don’t necessarily need a permit assuming the tree is on their private property. A permit may be required, however, depending on the exact location of the structure and its size. Your demolition service can determine whether one is necessary to proceed with the job.

What if the tree is too close to the home?

While large trees are great for shading the home and helping control your energy bills, they may pose a threat to the actual property if they’re unhealthy or if their branches grow wildly. They may also produce far too much debris for your roofing system and gutters to handle. In that case, it’s important to consider your options. When trimming branches is not sufficient, then a tree removal professional can use a bucket truck to safely access and dispose of the tree.

Is it safe to remove a tree on your own?

Removing trees requires state-of-the-art equipment and expertise to perform safely. Some may be unstable at their roots, for example, and qualified professionals will understand how to handle those. Others might be weakened due to decay, and are at risk of falling suddenly. Experts have the ability to cut trees methodically in a secure manner that won’t pose a threat to your property.


Are you seeking a reliable professional for tree removal? Turn to the experts at A&M Crane and Rigging. Proudly serving clients throughout Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina, the company can eliminate a tree in advance of a major construction project or because it’s potentially hazardous. To learn more about their specialty services, visit them online, or call (336) 889-6000.

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