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3 Popular Stovetops For Your Kitchen Remodeling July 26, 2019

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3 Popular Stovetops For Your Kitchen Remodeling, Gales Ferry, Connecticut

Designing your kitchen is more than just picking an attractive stovetop. While some homeowners tend to go with the first appliance they like, researching different models based on specifications will help you find the perfect addition to your kitchen. Below are some popular stovetop types that will benefit your kitchen remodeling.

3 Different Stovetops for Your Kitchen Remodeling

1. Electric Stovetops

Electric stoves use coils to convert metal into heat using an electronic ignition system. There is no external flame. A spark will ignite when you turn the burner on, heating the top to cook. They are sleek and modern due to their flat features. They also waste less heat while cooking, so a house remains cooler when it’s in use. These cooktops are sometimes unreliable due to uneven cooking spots. Furthermore, electric models tend to heat up slower compared to gas and induction stovetops and require more energy to produce electricity.

2. Gas Stovetops

Gas cooktops use natural gas, propane, butane, or other flammable gas as fuel. Each model typically comes with a pilot light, which is the blue flame near the burner as you ignite the system. As the most traditional appliance for heating foods, this type of stovetop heats up faster than electric models. Gas stoves are easy to monitor and don't rely on electricity to ignite. You'll find higher energy savings with a gas stovetop since this appliance uses combustible gas instead of electricity. However, cleaning gas stoves can be difficult due to food spills getting trapped underneath the grates. It also can be dangerous to handle after use, so maintain caution. Watch out for gas leaks and carbon monoxide poisoning if your kitchen remodeling plans include adding a gas line. If you have a rotten egg smell in your kitchen or are experiencing side effects, consult a professional. 

3. Induction Stovetops

kitchen remodelingInduction stovetops are a growing kitchen trend. Induction stoves use electromagnetic energy to heat your pots and pans. Unlike gas and electric where you need an indirect heating source, induction stoves directly cook any compatible metal placed on the cooking surface. You're less likely to burn yourself with an induction stovetop, and you'll save more money on your energy bills. Additionally, induction stoves can heat up instantaneously, saving you time on waiting for your appliance to warm. Induction cooktops tend to be the most expensive of the three types. Also, typical cookware is not compatible with an induction stove, so you will have to purchase new magnetic pots and pans. 


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