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4 Decorating Tips for Small Apartments July 30, 2019

Cookeville, Putnam
4 Decorating Tips for Small Apartments, Cookeville, Tennessee

Decorating a small apartment is all about maximizing your square footage and creating as much visual space as possible. Once you’ve found your dream rental, it’s time to turn it into your home. Follow the tips below to make smart use of your new space and create an apartment you can’t wait to get home to.

Guide to Decorating a Small Rental

1. Use Sheer Curtains

The brighter an apartment is, the more cheerful it will be and the larger it will feel. You want to let in as much natural light as possible. Use sheer window coverings to filter light in without sacrificing your privacy. You can layer it with shades or blackout curtains to use when you need total darkness.

2. Add a Houseplant

rentalPlants add a pop of color and interest to the space no matter what your decorating style is. It livens up the decor without taking up much room. If you don’t have much of a green thumb, try some succulents or a peace lily—these are very easy to care for. Add these on your table or shelving, or even hang them from the ceiling if you’re short on surface space.

3. Use Pops of Color

Apartment rentals generally have neutral paint colors to suit as many people as possible, which is good because the neutral doesn’t overwhelm the small space. Keep that neutral theme throughout most of your decorations and furniture, then add pops of bold color to bring in some energy. For example, vibrant throw pillows on your gray couch will create style without “shouting” at you.

4. Find Visually Light Furniture

Large furniture doesn’t just take up a lot of square footage—it stops light from moving through the space, which can result in a claustrophobic feel. Find furnishings that are visually light. Glass tabletops, sofas and coffee tables with thin legs, and furniture of a light color all make a small space feel opened up.


Start with a beautiful rental as your canvas with the help of Buckner Properties. They have a wide range of apartment rentals available in Cookeville, TN, with one, two or three bedrooms to suit your needs and lifestyle. Their helpful property management staff will make move-in as easy as possible and care for you throughout your lease. Start searching on their website and call (931) 526-2104 to discuss their available listings.

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