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3 Ways to Make Friends at a Sports Bar September 4, 2019

Downtown New Rochelle, New Rochelle
3 Ways to Make Friends at a Sports Bar, New Rochelle, New York

When you’re looking to make friends, a sports bar with delicious food and a fun atmosphere is the right place to start. Plus, if you have friends who like watching sports as much as you do, you’ll always have a buddy to catch your favorite team’s games with.

How to Meet New People at a Sports Bar 

1. Talk About the Game on TV

One of the easiest ways to make friends is to establish a common interest and strike up a conversation from there. This is even easier to do when you approach a stranger who’s watching the same game as you in your neighborhood sports bar. You love talking about your favorite teams anyway, so why not talk about them with a fellow fan? Sit at the bar during your team’s next game and keep an eye out for other people who are watching it too.

2. Join a Groupsports bar

While it can seem less daunting to approach a single person, striking up a conversation with a group can be easier than you think. Next time you’re out at your favorite sports bar, keep your ears peeled for interesting conversations you'd like to join. When you hear a chat that interests you, confidently walk up and offer a comment or opinion. Keep it light and friendly, and you’ll surely be welcomed into the circle. Exercise good judgment before choosing a group to join. If someone appears to be on a date or in an argument, head off to find another gang. 

3. Look Approachable

There will always be other people in the same boat as you, and you might feel more comfortable when those people approach you. Make sure that others know that you’re open to a conversation by using approachable body language. Order a beer, sit back without hunching over the bar, and avoid staring at your phone. Keep your arms uncrossed and try to angle your body so that you’re facing the room slightly, signaling to others that you don’t mind being approached.


Get started with making life-long friendships by visiting your neighborhood Buffalo Wild Wings sports bar. Catch the biggest sports games on over 30 flat-screen televisions while you enjoy a plate of award-winning hot wings. Use your favorite team and a cold beer as an icebreaker at any of the “B-Dubs” locations across the U.S., including 19 in Connecticut and New York. Visit the official website to find the location nearest you and don’t forget to check out the menu while you’re there.

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