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3 Simple Tips for Bedbug Detection August 13, 2019

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3 Simple Tips for Bedbug Detection, Milford, Connecticut

A bedbug is a small, reddish-brown insect that makes its home in fabrics from mattresses and upholstery. Recognizing and treating an infestation while it’s still contained will make the pest removal process much simpler. By performing bedbug detection when you first suspect an issue, you can identify a problem or rule it out. To help you determine whether you’re experiencing an infestation, here are a few ways to check for bedbugs.

How to Check for Bedbugs

1. Check for Bites

Bedbugs feed at night as you lay in bed and will travel up to 20 feet from their hiding space to do so. They prefer people, but may target your dog or cat as well. After they bite you, they leave a visible and itchy mark on the skin. These small red spots tend to appear in groups. If you scratch them, they may turn into welts.

2. Search for Live Bugsbedbug detection

Bedbugs can fit into tiny hiding spaces, but you may spot them if you inspect some key areas. For bedbug detection, check near the piping, tags, and seams of your mattress and box spring. You should also look inside the cracks on the headboard and bed frame. Aside from the bed, bugs hide in your upholstered furniture, between the cushions of a couch or in any seams. Check the folds of curtains, between the joints of drawers, and under any loose wall decor. Keep in mind that even adult bugs are only the thickness of a quarter, so even if you don’t spot them, you might still have an issue.

3. Locate Bedding Stains

The insects may leave dark spots on fabric that resemble marks by felt tip pens. These are most common on bed sheets and mattresses, and are signs of their droppings. You may also see larger reddish stains on the sheets if the bugs were crushed on the bed or drew blood during feeding.


If you suspect you have an infestation, call Pro K9 Plus for accurate bedbug detection. Serving the Tri-State Area of Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York, they have a team of dogs trained to sniff out even the sneakiest of insects. With a comprehensive list of all affected items, you can then secure effective bedbug removal. Learn more about their scent detection method online or call (203) 906-0422 to schedule an inspection.

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