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3 Reasons to Hire a Demolition Contractor August 13, 2019

Makakilo - Kapolei - Honokai Hale, Ewa
3 Reasons to Hire a Demolition Contractor, Ewa, Hawaii

If you need to tear down a dated home attachment or commercial space, hiring demolition services is where you should begin. You must carefully coordinate demolition to ensure safety and efficiency. It also factors in to waste management. You’ll save time, avoid stress, and get quality results quickly so you can begin construction.

Benefits of a Demolition Contractor

1. Safety

Demolition is about more than knocking down walls. You want to ensure falling debris doesn’t damage surrounding structures, landscaping, or the soil. If you’re removing a structure with asbestos or other harmful materials, you also want to ensure you don’t create a health problem. Demolition contractors carefully design a plan based on the structure and property. This process ensures no one is injured and that the worksite isn’t damaged.

2. Quality Results

waste managementWhether you’re demoing a home or extensive structure, you’ll need heavy machinery. Professionals bring equipment specific to various tasks to achieve the best results. Upper walls and floors are knocked down with a ball and chain, excavators and bulldozers level lower floors, and jackhammering will quickly remove concrete foundations.

3. Waste Management

There will be a significant amount of debris following demolition, which is where professionals are invaluable. Many are connected with waste management services and handle pickup and transport to disposal facilities. More importantly, they sort materials so that as much as possible is recycled.


If you have an upcoming construction project in the Kapolei, HI, area, turn to Rainbow Waste Services for your waste management needs. These skilled professionals have served the area since 2000 and bring a combined 50 years of experience to every job. They serve both residential and commercial clients and maintain 24-hour communication. Whether it’s general trash pick-up or recycling, you’ll find all the assistance you need. Visit their website to learn more about their services and call (808) 682-4797 to schedule waste management services.