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Do’s & Don’ts of Recycling August 6, 2019

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Do’s & Don’ts of Recycling, Pekin, Illinois

Scheduling recycling pickup is an excellent first step for converting your home or business to green practices. When it comes to recycling, you should follow a few rules to ensure seamless and effective processing. These make it easier to handle materials once they hit the recycling center and guarantee you’re taking every step to stay green.


Rinse containers.

recycling pickupUnlike trash, you’ll need to clean recyclable items like food containers or soda cans. Food particles and other residue are contaminants and will cause problems at the recycling plant. This rule is especially true for milk and dairy cartons and anything holding perishable foods that will rot during processing.

Break down cardboard.

Cardboard takes up a lot of space, so break down any boxes larger than 2 feet by 2 feet. You’ll maximize container space at home or in the workplace, and recycling pickup trucks will store more. If you have larger boxes, you’ll need to cut them into smaller pieces. Anything not flattened and left next to recycling carts won’t be picked up.


Put recycling in plastic bags.

It can seem convenient to store loose cans, bottles, and other materials in plastic bags before recycling pickup. This practice is sometimes even encouraged. However, you shouldn’t do this unless otherwise stated because plastic bags can cause many problems at the recycling center. During sorting, they come loose and clog or tangle in the machinery, damaging parts and slowing down processing.

Recycle grease-stained materials.

Pizza boxes and other grease-stained products appear recyclable, but they’ll instead cause issues. When the plant heats the materials, the grease mixes with water, creating a sludge that coats other materials and machinery. You should store these items in a trash can or roll-off dumpster.


If you’re ready to begin recycling, X Waste Inc. provides comprehensive recycling pickup and waste management services. Based in Pekin, IL, they’ve served surrounding communities since 2003 and have built a reputation as a reliable trash removal and hauling service. Visit their website to explore all their waste management services and call (309) 353-4388 to speak with a representative.

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