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Courtney & Izzak Chandler -- Bombers CrossFit Member Spotlight July 18, 2019

Beavercreek, Greene
Courtney & Izzak Chandler -- Bombers CrossFit Member Spotlight, Beavercreek, Ohio

Allow me the pleasure of introducing this month’s power couple, Coutney & Izzak.  Courtney has been a member of the Bomber Crew since early summer of 2016, and Izzak joined her about a year later.  This dynamic couple has been pushing themselves to become better every day since they’ve started CrossFit.  The healthy competition between husband and wife has spurred them to work harder against each other.  You can find Courtney & Izzak bouncing around many different class times, and lately Courtney has transformed into a runner, adding in Long Range Bombers programming to her CrossFit routine.  Take some time to introduce yourself to Courtney & Izzak, you’ll be glad you did.


Bombers CrossFit Member Spotlight

How did you hear about CrossFit and what was your first experience?

Courtney: I heard about CrossFit from a friend, however, it took some time to talk me into going. I believe my first WOD consisted of wall balls, Russian twists, and goblet squats. I think I was sore for a few weeks, but I was hooked.

Izzak: I first heard about CrossFit through Courtney.  She invited me to come with her shortly after we started dating.


When did you first come to Bombers CrossFit?

Courtney: I first visited in the spring of 2016.

Izzak: It was around October 2017 when I came in for the first time.


How many days do you CrossFit?

Courtney: I aim for 4-5 days a week.

Izzak: Right now I’m coming once or twice a week.  My schedule is beginning to lighten up not that I work locally. This will give me more opportunity to devote time to a healthier lifestyle.


What classes do you normally take?

Courtney: I do the regular WOD and I’m also involved in Long Range Bombers.

Izzak: I haven’t taken any extra classes yet but I”m interested in running more.


What motivates you/keeps you coming back to Bombers CrossFit?

Courtney: I love the sense of community. I’ve developed a lot of close friendships at Bombers over the past few years. We motivate and encourage one another. I also love working out with my husband. We have crazy schedules, so it’s something we can do together that we both enjoy.

Izzak: Courtney is who keeps me coming back. It’s easy for me to get focused on projects around the house or working on the next real estate deal. I’m thankful she keeps me focused on the little things.


What’s your favorite thing about the Dayton area?

Courtney: I’ve been a resident of Beavercreek my entire life. I love the area and the people.

​​​​​​​Izzak: My favorite thing about Dayton is the small town attitude. I lived in Kentucky for 40 years before moving to the area and the people aren’t so different.


What accomplishment are you the proudest of (inside and outside of the gym)?

Courtney: I’ve accomplished things at Bombers that I never imagined myself doing a few years ago. I would say my biggest accomplishment was running a 5k in May thanks to training with Long Range Bombers. Outside the gym, my biggest accomplishment would be my family and the life my husband and I have built.

Izzak: My biggest accomplishment in the gym I guess would be the muscle up. I never even attempted it until 2 years ago. Outside of the gym my biggest accomplishment has to be my family. They are the drive behind my coming home.


After a hard workout, what is your favorite meal?

Courtney: Tacos!

Izzak: My favorite post workout meal has to be lasagna.


What are some of your interests outside of CrossFit?

Courtney: I love to travel and I especially love cruises.

Izzak: My favorite hobby is definitely scuba diving. My last trip was a dive 23 miles off the coast of Pensacola, FL to see the USS Oriskeny. Under the water is the most peaceful place I’ve ever been.


What is one goal within the gym that you’re working on?

Courtney: I would love to be able to do consecutive double under.

Izzak: My next goal at the gym has to be maintaining a steady handstand. I can do a handstand walk but I can’t stay in one place for long.


What impact has CrossFit had on your life/lifestyle/level of fitness?

Courtney: I feel like I’m in better shape at 40 than I was at 20. Working out at Bombers has also positively impacted my mental health. There is nothing better than a hard WOD after a stressful day.

Izzak: CrossFit has been the most important thing in keeping my fitness level above average for people my age. I’m sure most people that do CrossFit can say the same about themselves.


What advice would you give to a newbie?

Courtney: Don’t be intimated to try CrossFit! Everyone was once a beginner.

Izzak: For anyone thinking about trying CrossFit or has just begun, give it 3 or 4 weeks. The soreness will be less and less and your fitness gains will be very noticeable.


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