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5 Tips on Preparing for a Residential Roof Installation August 5, 2019

Onalaska, La Crosse County
5 Tips on Preparing for a Residential Roof Installation, Onalaska, Wisconsin

Getting a new roof is an investment in your home and family. However, a roof installation project can turn your home into a job site, complete with hazards and annoyances. To ensure a smooth, safe installation, below are five steps you can take to prepare yourself for the roofing work that is about to begin.  

How to Get Ready for Roof Installation

1. Clear Out a Path

It’s a given that contractors require unrestricted access to your roof during installation, so make their work easier by clearing a path for them. Remove obstructions like vehicles parked in your driveways, and store outdoor furniture, grills, and play equipment inside a garage or shed, covering them with plastic. Clear sidewalks and lawns. Don’t forget to remove the antenna or satellite dish from your roof, too, or ask your cable provider to move them.

2. Do a Little Yardwork

Before work begins, give your lawns and gardens a little TLC. Cut your grass short so that you can spot nails and other construction debris that falls to the ground. Trim overgrown bushes and overhanging branches near the roof or work zone for much-needed clearance and visibility.  

3. Prep the Inside

When you’re done roof installationoutside, it’s time to tackle the inside. Roof installation is a messy job, so protect your interior against dust and debris. If you have valuables in the attic, move them or cover them with fabric or plastic sheeting. Take down frames, mirrors, sconces, and wall decorations to prevent them from falling and breaking once intense work starts.

4. Think About Your Kids & Pets

Your kids and pets may be scared or disturbed by the din of construction work. If possible, avoid exposing them to the dangers of the job site by sending them to stay with a relative until the installation is complete.

5. Give Your Neighbors a Heads-Up

Roof installation is disruptive, not just to you but to your neighbors as well. Let them know about the work and estimated project timeframe so that they can prepare for the noise and other nuisances. They’ll appreciate the advance notice.


Make sure your home is ready for roof installation before the skilled professionals at Coulee Region Roofing & Siding arrive. As the leading roofing contractor in Onalaska, WI, they have provided exceptional home improvement services throughout La Crosse County for 30 years. Call (608) 780-5582 to request an estimate, or visit them online to learn how they can help you.

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