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3 Ways to Make a Pet-Friendly Sunroom August 13, 2019

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3 Ways to Make a Pet-Friendly Sunroom, East Rochester, New York

A sunroom is a wonderful way to add space to your home while enjoying the outdoors—pets also love them. Not only do they get to stretch out in the sun, but they’re protected from mosquitoes, ticks, and other pests. Following a few simple guidelines will ensure that both you and your pets enjoy your sunroom to its fullest. 

3 Tips for Pet-Proofing Your Sunroom

1. Get the Right Furniture

A common complaint among pet owners is that their pet destroys their furniture; this means the patio furniture as well. Wicker in particular is a material that is potentially destroyed by cats. There is a lot of stimulation for a pet in a sunroom; assume they will be excited there. Look for furniture that will hold up against scratches or repeated jumping. 

2. Be Careful About Plants sunroom

Houseplants are an excellent addition to a sunroom but come with their own set of problems. A number of plants are poisonous to cats and dogs. Before heading to the garden store, research what plants are safe for animals. Think strategically about where—and in what—the plants are displayed. If a planter is large, your pet may be tempted to dig in it, and you may need a planter guard. 

3. Consider a Pet Door

Installing a pet door in your sunroom is an excellent idea if your pet is an indoor/outdoor animal. It will save you from getting up to let them in or out. A pet door also means if they get tired of the outdoors, they have a place to seek refuge. 

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