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How Does a Car Air Conditioner Work? August 6, 2019

Canarsie, Brooklyn
How Does a Car Air Conditioner Work?, Brooklyn, New York

Your car's AC keeps you comfortable as you drive in the summer. Just like a home air conditioner, the system uses compressed or expanded refrigerant to manipulate the movement of heat in your car, absorbing it from the interior and sending it outside to cool you down. When it breaks down, you'll need the help of a professional mechanic to fix it. By understanding the basics of how it works, you’ll be better at identifying issues when they arise. Here’s what you need to know. 

What Is Refrigerant?

MechanicRefrigerant is used to transport heat from the car to the outdoors. It’s a specifically formulated gas that travels through the car's condenser coil. Your car's cooling system is designed to work with this specific gas, moving and pressurizing it as needed to transfer heat. When the gas escapes through a leak, the air conditioner can no longer function as intended. However, your mechanic can recharge the system by adding more.

What Are the Main Parts of the System?

Your car's AC has four important parts: the compressor, evaporator coil, condenser coil, and blower. The compressor manipulates the pressure of the refrigerant in the system, turning it into liquid. By increasing pressure in the condenser coil, the compressor heats up the refrigerant so that it creates energy. By allowing the refrigerant to expand again in the evaporator coil, it cools, and a blower propels air across this coil to create the stream of cold air you enjoy in your car. While the AC can create debris in the interior, there is an inline filter that cleans the air.


If your car's air conditioner is broken, contact the mechanics at Puma's Auto Care in Brooklyn, NY. Operating on the three core values of courtesy, quality, and precision, they have years of experience with everything from oil changes and inspections to major repairs. Their experienced and certified mechanics provide advanced diagnostic services and quick, thorough repairs. To make an appointment, call (718) 272-6306 or reach out online.

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