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3 Benefits of Logging You May Not Know July 25, 2019

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3 Benefits of Logging You May Not Know, Morehead, Kentucky

Logging is a process that involves the cutting of trees using logging supplies such as chainsaws and log splitters. The trees are then processed, transported, and sold as timber or pulp. Logging has been a practice in the U.S. since the early 1600s when settlers began to cut lumber to build communities in the colonies. In addition to producing paper and providing a wide range of building materials, logging offers many lesser-known benefits. Below are just a few.

3 Benefits of Logging

1. Creates a Healthier Environment for Trees

When trees are professionally removed using logging supplies, the process involves identifying and removing trees that are dead or diseased and have the potential to spread harmful fungi and bacteria. This method protects the surrounding healthy trees. Logging also removes excess branches on overgrown trees, which improves the health of the tree by increasing air circulation and maximizing sunlight exposure.

2. Produces Oak For Craft Whiskey Production

logging suppliesLogged wood, specifically white oak, is used to build whiskey barrels. This is because the oak can be molded to precise specifications for the barrel while maintaining its structural integrity. Whiskey connoisseurs prefer oak barrels because they improve the taste and aroma of the alcohol.

3. Makes Forests Safer

Old, dead, and diseased trees also pose safety risks to humans because they are easily knocked down as a result of high winds, rain, and storms. The debris will destroy homes, block roads, and cause car accidents. Part of the process involves finding these weakened trees and using logging supplies to remove them, which minimizes the risk of harm. Logging also helps reduce the risk of forest fires, as it removes trees that are dead, dry, and have the potential to spread fires rapidly.

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