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3 Appliances that Harm Septic Tanks July 25, 2019

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3 Appliances that Harm Septic Tanks, Brady, Michigan

Septic systems have been around for a long time, but modern-day appliances have not. As you upgrade your home with modern conveniences, you need to be aware of how they affect your septic services. This doesn’t mean you need to remove these appliances; be smart in how you use them and work with your contractor to protect your tank.

Common Home Appliances that Affect Septic Services

1. Water Softeners

A water softener removes minerals from your water by replacing the calcium and magnesium ions with sodium ions. This extra salt in the septic tank can disrupt the sludge breakdown process, which can lead to backups and clogging. The excess water that is flushed out of the water softener also fills up the tank more quickly. You can balance out the effect of your water softener by scheduling septic pumping more often.

2. Garbage Disposals

septic servicesGarbage disposals are convenient, but misusing yours could be detrimental to your tank. Many people use their garbage disposal as a trash receptacle for all of their kitchen solids. Many of these solids can harm your tank by clogging the system or by significantly increasing the amount of solid waste in your tank. Never put eggshells, expandable foods (pasta, rice), starches (potato peels), or excessive amounts of food down your disposal. Compost or use the trash bin whenever possible to avoid buildup inside your tank.

3. Washing Machines

Washing machines use a significant amount of water, which quickly fills up the septic tank and causes an overflow. If you use your washing machine daily, often there can be excess lint and debris that moves into the septic tank and clogs the system. Spread your washing loads over a few days rather than having one “laundry day” where you run the machine all day. This prevents the buildup of lint and avoids overwhelming your tank with too much water until you can schedule routine septic services.


Working with the right septic maintenance team will keep your tank in top condition, no matter what your unique challenges are in your home. Sloan’s Septic Tank Service LLC uses modern equipment and technology for efficient service in  Oakley, MI, and the surrounding areas. For over 80 years, they have specialized in septic tank cleaning, maintenance, and repairs. See a full list of their septic services online and call (989) 845-6280 to schedule an appointment.

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