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Your Guide to Retaining Walls August 1, 2019

Long Valley, Morris County
Your Guide to Retaining Walls, Long Valley, New Jersey

When it comes to hardscape design, retaining walls can be a beneficial addition to your property. Not only do they provide lateral support, but they also create aesthetic appeal in a backyard space by contrasting existing landscape elements. If you're not familiar with this feature, the following guide will help you understand how installing one enhances your yard.

What Is a Retaining Wall?

A retaining wall is erected to retain water or soil on a property. They can be constructed from various materials, each of which offer their own unique benefit. Stone delivers an earthy look and feel to the exterior of your home. Conversely, interlocking concrete blocks offer a more modern appeal, which is great for contemporary spaces. Retaining walls can even be constructed from pressure-treated timber.

How Can I Use a Retaining Wall?

Retaining walls are often used to combat soil erosion on hillsides. They can also help make a yard more functional. If you have sloping or uneven land, a retaining wall can serve as a base for a patio. They’re also often used to redirect the flow of water on your property. 

How Do I Choose the Right One?

hardscapeIt’s always a good idea to work with a hardscape design specialist when building a retaining wall. Masonry experience is a must, as a poorly designed wall will fail to perform as expected. When it comes to material selection, consider what would look best in your outdoor space. You’ll also need to consider the function of the wall. If you’re concerned about water runoff, natural stone might be the best option. You can also choose between a gravity wall or a reinforced wall. A gravity wall is usually shorter in height and holds the soil with its own weight. A reinforced wall is supported by additional elements like concrete, soil nails, and earth anchors to improve stability. 


When searching for a company with masonry experience in Long Valley, NJ, DRS Lawn & Landscape LLC is here to help. Offering more than just landscaping assistance, these skilled professionals provide hardscape design to local homeowners. They’ll walk you through the entire process, from choosing materials to erecting the retaining wall in your backyard. They also offer landscape maintenance, including tree trimming, mulching, and mowing. Call (908) 879-0600 today for more information or visit the website to learn more about their hardscape services. 

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