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5 Reasons to Upgrade to a New Wood Stove July 18, 2019

Penfield, Monroe
5 Reasons to Upgrade to a New Wood Stove, Penfield, New York

High-quality modern wood stoves are an excellent heating source, generating enough ambient heat to keep your entire home comfortable through even the coldest New York winter. If you plan to upgrade your home heating system,a new wood stove offers some impressive advantages over older models and other heating systems. Below are some of the advantages of upgrading your wood stove before winter comes.

5 Benefits of a New Wood Stove

1. Changes in Wood Burning Technology

It’s not your father’s or grandfather’s wood stove any more!  Changes in the design of stoves has changed over the years and continues to present opportunities for longer burn times, more efficient wood use and cleaner emissions.  Manufacturers are using secondary air tubes to provide a last minute jet of hot air for complete burn before smoke and particles can escape up the chimney.  A catalytic cumbustor can be used to trap emissions in a ceramic honeycomb to again complete the burning of all fuel.  There is also a self adjusting thermostat in Blaze King units which moderates the air flow for optimum efficiency.

2. Radiant Heat

wood-stoveRadiant heat is the most pleasant, comfortable way to warm your home, giving each space a cozy feeling.  Today’s stoves are more efficient at moving the heat off the stove with circulating fans and you can also use your furnaces’ forced air fan to stir up the whole house and filter the air even when the furnace is off. For many people, the comfort of radiant heat alone is worth making the switch to wood.

3. Environmentally Friendly

Like wood stoves, gas furnaces also generate radiant heat. However, burning fossil fuels like those used in gas furnaces dramatically increases your family’s impact on the environment. Burning wood, on the other hand, is considered “carbon-neutral,” since trees absorb carbon dioxide through their entire life cycle.

4. Lower Operating Costs

Wood is one of the most affordable heating sources, with lower operating costs than gas, oil, or electric, especially here in the Finger Lakes region. Strategically placing a wood stoves or insert in your fireplace will allow the heat to spread throughout your house and slash your home heating bills by hundreds of dollars per year.  Cricket on the Hearth not only displays a variety of wood and gas stoves, we actually heat the store with them!

5. Aesthetic Appeal

Today’s wood stoves are beautifully designed to be the focal point of the room. Whether you prefer the classic cast iron stove, the rustic look of a steel box stove or a more sophisticated, modern appearance, Cricket on the Hearth offers a stove that will fit in perfectly with your aesthetic.

Ready to make the switch to wood stove heating? Act now, because Cricket on the Hearth Inc. offers special pricing on sales and installation throughout the summer. They offer an incredible inventory of beautiful products from some of the industry's top manufacturers, including Jotul North America®, Blaze King®, and Kozy Heat®, with a knowledgeable team who will help you find the perfect stove for your home. Visit their website for a look at some of their products, and follow their Twitter for updates, sales, and deals. If you’d like to learn more, call (585) 385-2420, or stop by their store in Rochester, NY, to see their selection of wood stoves today.

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