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A Beginner's Guide to Finding the Right Golf Clubs & Grip August 7, 2019

Evendale, Evendale
A Beginner's Guide to Finding the Right Golf Clubs & Grip, Evendale, Ohio

One of the aspects that makes golf so great is how accessible it is. It’s enjoyed by people of all ages, and it’s never too late to pick up the sport. Whether you’re starting to learn by hitting some golf balls on the driving range yourself or are diving in with golf lessons, the experience is going to be much better if you’re out there with the right clubs.

How to Pick the Best Golf Club Starter Set

When just getting started, you won’t need to get a full set of golf clubs like the pros on TV. Just make sure you have the basics, including a 3 wood, a set of odd-numbered irons, and a putter. This is plenty to help you hone your swing, and once you confirm your love of the game, you can upgrade to a more substantial set.

It’s also important to personalize the set to you. Depending on your height, you might need a standard-length club, shorter than standard, or longer club to maximize the swing, and the size of the head will be dependent on the swing speed. Finally, when just getting started, it’s perfectly fine to go with the less expensive steel option rather than graphite shafts.

Perfecting the Golf Club Grip

GolfOnce you get your initial set of clubs, the next step is to head out for golf practice to perfect the grip and swing. When you first pick up the club, use your weaker hand (for right-handed golfers, that is your left hand) and place the thumb pointing down on the right-hand side of the shaft. Then, take your right hand and place the right pinky between the index and middle finger, and let the right thumb rest on the left.

This is the neutral position and the best way to start. Once you’ve gotten some practice in, you’ll realize if you have a hook or a slice, and at that point, you can adjust the grip to accommodate your unique swing.


The only way to improve your golf game is through practice, and Etter’s Golf Center in Cincinnati, OH, has the perfect driving range to do that. For the past 36 years, they’ve helped golfers perfect their swings, and their golf shop also provides trusted golf club repairs if you have any issues with your new set. Learn more by calling (513) 563-8661 or by visiting them online.

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