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3 Signs Your Car Battery Needs to Be Replaced July 26, 2019

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3 Signs Your Car Battery Needs to Be Replaced, Anchorage, Alaska

Your car's battery is essential for powering all the electronic components in the cab and keeping your spark plugs firing. When it wears out, your vehicle may not start at all. To determine when the battery is close to dying so you can have an auto maintenance expert replace it, watch for the following signs.

When Should You Change Your Car Battery?

1. Electrical Problems

Your car's systems are designed to use a certain amount of electricity, which older equipment may not be able to supply. When your battery is getting low, you may see dim or flickering lights, including the cab lighting and headlights. The car may have difficulty starting, and the battery may drain more easily. Recharging the battery will help it to function again, but it will die again quickly.

2. Physical Problems

Auto MaintenanceAn old or damaged battery can begin to leak fluid, causing visible corrosion around it. You may even see fluid on the battery, which you should avoid touching. Also, have an auto maintenance professional clean it up right away. The battery itself will swell up and become misshapen. The leaking will also create a rotten egg smell that you will notice when opening the hood.

3. Age

Even when the battery is well cared for and the car is rarely used, this component will only last five years. In many cases, it will only be three. You should expect to change it when it gets close to this age; however, if you aren't sure when you need a replacement, have an auto mechanic test the battery to determine how it's performing.


For auto maintenance services including new car battery replacements, choose F.A.T.S. Service in Anchorage, AK. This locally owned and operated establishment has 35 years of experience serving the community and offering affordable prices. They also provide both new and quality used parts for your repairs. To schedule an auto maintenance appointment, contact them at (907) 561-4721 or online.

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